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Rankin has teamed up with Jitrois to create their new SS19 campaign, and they've dusted off the cobwebs to create a refreshed new look...

The Full Service (founded by Rankin) has teamed up with Jitrois for their new SS19 collection, creating a gloriously young and vibrant campaign that has something for everyone…

You’ll see nothing but fresh new faces in this campaign for Jitrois SS19 collection, shot by one of our favourite photographers here at Boyfriend, Rankin.

Jitrois describe this collection and campaign as a way of blowing away the cobwebs and refreshing their image, and that’s exactly what this feels like, a well polished, clean, minimal but vibrant and youthful new look… a ‘second skin’.

We had the chance of chatting with Rankin and Jitrois to find out more about the campaign, and how it came to fruition…

This collection is described as a ‘second skin’, what was the inspiration for the shoot concept?

Rankin: “For me this shoot was all about building a tribe of models. Each one with their own attitude, when combined together the overall feeling is of bold power and effortless cool. The phrase “second skin” is full of ideas about self-identity and its really empowering, so I wanted to play off the idea that the clothes are your second skin but so is your friendship group. The models are shot mid-movement and I purposefully wanted there to be a natural flow to the images, a tension like things are about to happen, but when all the images are put together it forms this kind of equilibrium almost like dancers in a music video”

Jitrois: “This collection has different way of telling stories based on same vision that we maintain. Each story is built around strong, brave, mystic and curious individual, whether identified as masculine of feminine. Then we shuffle the game swapping freely the outfits.Creating different characters and stories with each piece and empowering individual through clothing as second skin.”

The images play with themes of youthfulness and sexuality, what were the key messages you wanted to get across with these themes and why do you feel they play a part in telling the story?

Jitrois: “The idea behind our images reflecting our collection is to ‘Play with your identities and you will eventually find who you are, freed from all’
It is very important for us to use the word ‘Play’ in all its forms. ‘Play with your group, your club, your tribe’ can be very friendly but also very sexual. From our collections, we aim to share our vision of a world in search of liberation as well as reconnection.”

Rankin: “I can see both those elements in the lookbook, but for me it was important this feeling of youthfulness and sexuality didn’t feel forced, that is was part of the wider story. This gang of models needed to feel empowered and confident, that was more important than the sexuality or age they seemed. But really my focus was on attitude and clothes matching, using the fashion to say who you are. Jitrois gives people such confidence and it is that feeling that I hope we encapsulated.”

Rankin, we see a lot more genderless clothing coming to the forefront at the moment, what are your thoughts on this and have you felt any pressures to drive this message of inclusivity through your work at all?

Rankin: “My work has always been very inclusive. When I was first cutting my teeth as a photographer androgyny was everywhere and I’ve always embraced it. Personal identity is very important to me. I’ve always thought of myself as a portrait photographer at heart, and I always say the key to taking the best portraits is to make sure the subject feels at ease and comfortable. Thankfully the fashion and advertising world are finally catching up and understanding that people want to reflect who they really are on the inside to make them feel comfortable and really be themselves”

And finally, Jitrois, designers and manufacturers are under a lot of pressure now to create collections in environmentally friendly ways, do you feel these pressures and if so, how do they shape your designs?

Jitrois: “Fashion is going fast on every scale of the process, from design to production to image creation. It is very important for us to pay more attention on the quality rather than quantity. Which means that we won’t go against our values to produce more and faster. We grow in a niche market that allows us (at least for now) to remain a bit far from the craziness of deadlines so that we can work on the sustainability our pieces, and to better manage our production chain. Our products are designed in France and assembled in France, the materials are sourced in French or Spanish farms, treated and dyed in France.”

The clothing mirrors the campaign, simple with effective touches, from the backdrops to the models posing, nothing pulls the focus away from the clothing and the overall look and feel – and I think we all need some comfortable and effortlessly chic style after the glitz and glam of the festive season (I know all I’ve been wearing since New Years are oversized sweats and denim!)

Jitrois new SS19 collection can be purchased online at

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