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Being in and out of some form of lockdown over the last 11 months has caused a lot of people to feel disconnected and separated from people that meant so much to them. The term ‘lonely’ is one that I’ve heard more than just a few times summarizing how we feel and the importance of social interaction is key for all to see. It’s hard to think how any of us would have gotten through all this without the internet and the ability it gives us to connect in ways previously unimagined. In the midst of all this, Bodhi Eira Jones founded Rebel Majesty, a platform and community that joins players together who are reconnecting with themselves, playing in their creativity and reshaping their worlds from the inside out. The core of Rebel Majesty is providing an open, inclusive space for their players to join and play in to reshape their life.

Rebel Majesty celebrates rebellion, and, in their eyes, rebellion mean creativity. It means undoing the stuff that doesn’t work, reconnecting to what does, and standing for uniqueness. At the heart of this is the immersive #ReshapeTheWorld “game” which aims to gather powerful, creative, and inspired minds to work together to reshape the world from the inside out. They are asking the big question… what would you reshape in your world? For the founder it’s all about bringing people together to create a brighter future, “Personally, what I hope to achieve is breaking binaries to open up new worlds of possibility previously unseen. I think we achieve this by undoing and unlearning, standing for an equitable world and creating and reshaping our worlds together.” 

Rebel Majesty is powered by KaiFlow, an approach that Jones also founded after a life changing experience. “In 2016 two very close people to me took their own lives. Two very successful people who looked like they had everything. I wondered what my life was about and how I could make the biggest difference. I have since then been democratising the KaiFlow practise and during lockdown we created KaiFlow the personal social and global card game.” The founder continues, ““KaiFlow is a practise I developed 15 years ago and used with pro surfers, athletes, ceos and elite performers. I started to research flow states, a key to fulfilment in each moment, not dependant on external success. Flow states are about being immersed in each moment, in creativity, art, sport, being so immersed the ego falls away. The KaiFlow practise gives people access to peace, flow and creativity in each moment.”

Now Jones is aiming to bring this technique to the masses through #ReshapeTheWorld. They’re now recruiting 1,000 players to join the community, including 10 spaces gifted to a lucky few. Each “game” is a project – either personal or team-based – that you are working on, playing with, exploring. Their unique gamification method turns each project into a transformative experience aimed at reshaping our worlds from the inside out. “What I hope making KaiFlow more accessible will achieve is peace and flow for people during uncertain times.” Jones explains, “when people can stand strong, connect to their own value and power with the ability to navigate the unknown, change happens at a personal, social and global level.” 

If this sounds intriguing to you then you can check out Rebel Majesty via the link here. #ReshapeTheWorld.

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