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It’s not often you come across an electronic artist that draws upon as many diverse influences as Rob Tirea. From the likes of indie pop to alt rock, the artist’s work has become a sea of alternative sounds. His latest single ‘For You’ is a blend of sumptuous vocals and buoyant production which gives us a glimpse of what to expect in his debut EP – ‘Deaf and Stellar’ – out later this year. Ahead of both releases we catch up with Rob and talk everything from inspiration, to a world in quarantine.

Rob was Born and raised in California, with his parents Romanian influence a factor for his love and appreciation of house music. He’s been making music since 2013, although as he describes ‘on a very non-serious level’, fast forward to 2018 and Rob released his first single, ’Imagine’, “it took me five years to get to a level where I felt my songs where at least 80% as good as the artists I inspired to be.” Inspired by an MGMT concert with its heavy electronic influence on alternative rock and coupled with “a Tiesto show I saw in 2013 and the insane production behind it, and you get a love and fascination for how electronic music is constructed” Rob describes his own music as “Experimental dance music with indie pop and alt rock tendencies/influences.”

Now, in what has been one of the toughest years for everyone. Rob is on the verge of realising his 4th single – ‘For You’ – and a debut EP ‘Deaf and Stellar’. What stands out most with Rob is his different approach to dance music, “I was simply trying to learn from other artists but over time I took childhood influences from Alt Rock and Indie Pop. I grew up listening to alt bands like the Editors, Coldplay, and now am very influenced by Rüfüs Du Sol and Disclosure so I’m trying to mesh those influences together.”

2020 has thrown many obstacles in the way, it would be almost natural to ease up on work, but Rob has certainly showed no signs of letting up and has looked to use these troubled times to keep producing. “I can’t say it has either helped or hindered creativity. I think when the only thing you can do is release music, then the emphasis becomes to just do that and focus on creating something more meaningful and cohesive.”

His previous 2 singles ‘The Storm Front and Sea’ and ‘Hypnotize’ both had deep perspective concepts behind them, something which Rob is looking to continue throughout his latest single ‘For You’ and in his upcoming EP. “I’m building into my concept for my EP. It’s about my take on society and philosophies that embody modern day culture/ where I view the future heading.”

Rob, like in ‘For You’, wants to use his voice to build upon these concepts mentioned while also allowing listeners to take his music in their own way and apply it to themselves. “Like ‘For You’, you will definitely hear my voice on the EP for almost half the songs and will build on this last release. It all ties into how I view society functioning and the direction I see us heading in. Granted the songs are all interpretive so they have many subliminal messages. I find it really fun to play with that and to enable people to take my music and apply it to their own personal lives.”

With the pandemic causing virtually all musicians to have to put a halt on live shows and touring this year, many just like Rob will be working tirelessly to create more for with Rob already planning. “My aim is definitely to appear at festivals and clubs next year. In terms of the studio I am constantly at work and am already writing for my next body of work which will be post EP.”

Rob, like many of us, hopes that the rest of 2020, brings “Health, happiness, an end to the pandemic” and on a personal level “an EP that reaches as wide of an audience as possible. I hope people really dive into the art and message and appreciate dance music with a more cerebral twist.” ‘For You’ gave us an idea of what to expect in the upcoming EP. I’m sure it’ll boast a wide and diverse range of sounds which should have no problem reaching a wide audience, with its variation of music and each song that bit different from the last, there’ll something for every music fan to enjoy! 

Written by Owen Quinn

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