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At Boyfriend, we love music artists who are unafraid of showing emotion and tackling tough subjects in their song writing. This is exactly why we’re huge fans of Sam Tompkins latest single ‘Kings’. A song described by the artist as ‘about brotherhood. It’s about telling the men in your life that you love them, care for them and will always do so. I often think that men don’t fully understand the power that showing emotion has, so this record is hopefully something that sparks a chain reaction in boys and men of all ages.’

Men often struggle with both showing and talking about emotion. Sadly, suffering in silence is a killer – suicide is the number 1 cause of the death amongst Men under the age of 50. We’ve seen numerous charity initiatives to highlight the issue, with ‘Movember’ being the most successful. However, we’ve never seen music artists use their platform to shine line on the issue, until now. Sam is a renowned advocate of mental health issues, just pop over to his Instagram to see how regularly he addresses it, he uses it as a form of inspiration from the everyday struggles we all suffer from.

Paired alongside a powerful video that showcases the strong bond a brotherhood can have; it sends a powerful message to anyone out there – you never know who might be struggling. After the difficult few months everyone has shared, ‘Kings’ feels like a very relevant message to us all and how we can change moving forward.

Sam’s music is a breath of fresh air. Having the courage to tackle such issues, whilst doing it in a manner that isn’t downbeat or overbearing, shows the artists talent and huge potential as a song writer. If he continues in the direction ‘Kings’ has taken, Sam’s much will touch many hearts and we’ll support him all the way!

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