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“If I see another pair of perfect tits, I’m gonna scream” sings an incessant Tayler Buono in her latest single ‘Screen’. Her first release in over 3 years, after she burst onto the scene with her debut single ‘Technically Single’. ‘Screen’ is typically pop in its delivery, and sees the artist deliver quite possibly her sassiest range of vocals – full of attitude and fun throughout.

Despite it’s tongue in cheek appearance, the song is written to highlight the detrimental effects technology and social media has on our mental health. Inspired by the hours she spent in lockdown and the hundreds of subsequent hours on her phone. I mean, we were all in that same position, there really was very little else to do.

We all use technology to escape – its one of its many wonders – but Tayler is right, its effects can transport you into a false reality where you compare and judge yourself to others 24/7… it isn’t healthy. The time we spent in isolation was of course a totally unnatural experience and the experience will have affected each and everyone of us in some way, although for Tayler, the time was particularly tough.

The artist spent much of the period with her father who was suffering from Covid-19. Seeing the effects firsthand must have been a harrowing experience and maybe drove her to question her place in this world.

‘Screen’ is a powerful message, delivered in a manner we can all relate to. With all of us now entering a period of transition back to ‘normal’ life, perhaps a little more time away from our phones is what we all need, god knows time fly’s by quick enough as it is. Either way, lets all be kinder to ourselves.

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