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Summer is upon us (FINALLY!), so it’s time to perk up your pedi and get sandal-ready with these must-haves from our fave cruelty-free and vegan-friendly nail brands!

Soak your feet:

Carla Opoku, founder of Cienna Rose suggests a relaxing DIY foot soak once a week for 15 minutes. “You can add aromatherapy oils like soothing lavender or refreshing peppermint. For added oomph, sprinkle in a handful of Epsom salts and let it dissolve. This acts as a gentle and natural exfoliant. Use a pumice stone or nail brush to massage and loosen dry skin.” Or you can use the new Peacci Peach ManiPedi Scrub, (RRP £9.00 for 60gr) to scrub, soothe and soften hard and scaly feet. A 100% natural exfoliant bursting with Coconut Shell and Sugar. Also contains nourishing Avocado, Peach and Castor oils. With a gorgeous peachy scent, it’s hypoallergenic, vegan and PETA approved.

Nourish and smooth feet:

With the new Peacci Peach ManiPedi Cream, (RRP £10.00 for 30ml), which is fast-absorbing and has a smooth, velvety texture, by slathering it onto dry and thirsty skin. You can also leave it on as a foot mask overnight, using some soft, slightly loose cotton socks to avoid the product rubbing onto your bed linens, or as a cuticle treatment. The blend of Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B helps combat free radicals, soothe and reduce redness and irritations and nourishes cuticles. Also peach scented and PETA and vegan approved.

And nails:

Using the Cienna Rose The Elixir Nourishing Cuticle Oil, (RRP £9.50).

Applying cuticle oil to toenails helps increase circulation around the nails, stimulating nail growth. It can also help improve the health and appearance of your nail. Easy to use, just brush this directly onto nails and cuticles and gently massage in. Use twice a week.

File and Buff with the W7 Glass Nail File (RRP £3.95) to get super smooth and perfectly shaped nails in no time. The file’s super-fine grit treats nails more gently than rougher, standard nail files and therefore causes less damage to both natural and manicured nails and the W7 Nail Buffer (RRP £2.95) will smooth and polish your nails quickly and gently. The buffer creates shine as it smooths out any inconsistencies and ridges that the nail may have, creating a healthy-looking finish.


Cienna Rose The Shield – Instant Hardening Treatment, (RRP £10.50)

Polish won’t look good on weak, fragile or brittle nails so use a special strengthening treatment twice a week. Apply this hydrating and protecting vitamin rich formula to bare nails to minimise breakage and splitting and encourage strong and healthy nails. 12 free, cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

Colour Play:

Peaches & Cream:

Cienna Rose founder Carla Opoku says “You can’t go wrong with a pop of coral-orange when it comes to a summer pedi. It looks great with a tan and is also a clever shade for elongating the toes”  The Cienna Rose Enriched Nail Lacquer in Peach Melba, (RRP £9.00) is a richly pigmented Peach shade and gives the perfect high shine, gel like chip-resistant finish. It’s also enriched with vitamins to nourish and protect nails and is cruelty free, vegan friendly and has a 12 free formula.

Earthy Nail Polish in Coral Reef, (RRP £7.99)

This is a high shine, Coral-Peach shade, with a 21 free, natural formula, enriched with Calcium and Magnesium with a long-wear finish.

Red Hot:

Take a page from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s book and opt for a red that never goes out of style to keep your toes catwalk worthy! 

Earthy Nail Polish in Ruby Red, (RRP £7.99)

Deep, Dusky Red for an ultra-classic look!

Cienna Rose Nail Polish in Double Decker, (RRP £9.00)

A hot Coral Red inspired by London’s iconic red buses, it gives a richly pigmented, long lasting, hi-shine gel like finish. 

Summer Cocktail:

Peacci Nail Polish in Papaya, (RRP £10.00)

Like sunshine in a bottle, this PETA and vegan approved Luminous Yellow is a sure-fire way to get happy feet.

Barry M. Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Pineapple Punch, (RRP £3.99)

Achieve a high shine, glossy pedi with this bright, Warm Yellow! The long-lasting, smoothing formula offers a gel-like finish that is guaranteed to brighten your day!

Minty Fresh:

The coolest colours for Summer, we’ll be painting our toes in these refreshing minty shades.

Cienna Rose Enriched Nail Lacquer in Mint To Be, (RRP £9.00) 

This rich Mint Green has a subtle silver shimmer to give you the coolest of pastel pedis!

Peacci Nail Polish in Tiffany, (RRP £10.00)

A bright Turquoise which will be the freshest addition to your look!

Earth Tones:

Nudes will always look effortlessly gorgeous on all skin tones and are perfect to wear with sandals.

Earthy Nail Polish in Dreamy Peach, (RRP £7.99)

A Peachy Muted Nude, that looks stunning and flattering on all skin tones.

Peacci Nu Nudes, (RRP £10.00 each)

With 12 shades ranging from Vanilla to Mocha, you’re sure to hit the mark with one of these nudes for the perfect summer toes!

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