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To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated live action film ‘Cruella’, Havaianas have released an exclusive line of products that are ‘devilishly’ good, and perfect for those times when you’ve been in your heels a little too long.

With the film set to be a ‘fashion-thriller’ – the products designs take their inspiration directly from the film, featuring the key colours black, red, and white, and showcasing printed graffiti-esque scribbles and sketches, roses, and the United Kingdom flag. The exclusive capsule collection comes in three pairs of flip flops, a t-shirt, and a stylish mini-bag.

The collection is available exclusively in Havaianas stores and online at https://www.havaianas-store.com/en/cruella – prices starting from £18 for the bag, and £24 for the flip flops.

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