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After discussing the Future of Fashion with Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff in our latest issue, we had the opportunity to continue this discussion with Fashion Designer Rocky Star. See our Q&A with the designer who has dressed countless celebrities, shown at many Fashion Weeks, and built a professional portfolio which consists of a bar, homeware range, and beauty products. Who better to walk us through what may come in the post-pandemic fashion world…

What are your plans for the fall season and how are these plans going to affect your business?
We finished our fall winter collection already before the pandemic so the focus will only be on liquidation of inventories, we will be working strongly with our digital sales partner platforms, offline sales are going to be less this year so we only going to focus online this year.

What are your thoughts on digital fashion weeks?
I think it’s a great way to stay connected and engage with your audience, but I doubt the digital fashion shows will relate to any sales but will surely keep brands alive.

Do you think digital fashion weeks will be well received?
It’s all very new and we can only hope that the content of the digital fashion week is very innovative and interesting for the audience to be interactive, for sure everyone is interested in the future of fashion and where it is heading but it’s at a very nascent stage and we all have to wait and see how well it is received.

How do you think digital runway shows will change fashion and the experience of the show?
It all depends on the content and how interactive it will be to engage the audience and buyers. It’s a great idea to be connected with everyone but as it will be on a digital platform people will have to get used to this experience. The experience of watching a live show is surely not comparable to this, yet I feel this will definitely be a part of our future.

What do you think is the future of retail and fast fashion?
This year retail has and will suffer a lot considering we already lost the spring-summer season. Regarding fall-winter, people will be more conservative when it comes to fashion , I see it going back to normal probably next year, obviously the entire fashion business needs to be reworked, fast fashion needs to be more objective, designers need to create sensible and sustainable collections and not work like machines, people will start shopping more sensibly and I think we all need to slow down a bit and not create this pressure where everyone is in a rat race. 

How do you think traditional runway shows will change as the industry recovers from the pandemic?
The change is a must, even after the pandemic is over, safety will be top priority, social distancing will be a must, traditional runway shows will become more of a luxury experience and mostly for the big brands to create a feel of the season, there will be more compact on the manner of production and it will surely be on a budget constraint.  

Do you have any positive or negative takeaways for how the industry, overall, is reacting to the pandemic?
I see a lot of positivity in this, people are thinking twice before venturing again into the fast world, they will be more conscious, while sustainability and reusable fashion will be top priority, creativity will once again be of importance and designers will focus more on the art form rather than fast fashion. Yes, it’s difficult to get back on your feet after the pandemic but I feel the people who can will surely stand stronger with a stronger sense of purpose.

How do you think the industry has changed in response to the pandemic?
The industry is surely realising the past was going extremely fast and the only way to survive now is for the system to change and to be extremely innovative in regards to designs, marketing and sales ideas, the time has come to be more focused on skills and smart fashion with value for money being of utmost importance.

We are all waiting to see what the future holds for our industry, and I think we can see everyones focus is going to be on adaptability and diversifying their strategies to ensure their brands can survive this challenging time.

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