It’s not often that we are given the opportunity to stop everything and focus our energies inwardly – but whatever your thoughts on the current pandemic sweeping across the globe, this is the current reality we face.

I was sat last night listening to an Instagram Live feed between Consultant & Strategist Yossi Fisher and London-based Fashion Designer Patrick McDowell, and the focus of their conversation centred around seeing this opportunity, not as a negative, but as a positive time to sit, reflect, review, and refresh – and it struck a chord with me.

Given the varying challenges we are contending with, from homeschooling our children, to having our wages and work cut, there are a multitude of fears, concerns, and anxieties over the future. It’s easy for us to slip into panic stations, to allow this fear to grip us by the throat and to be all consumed by the worst possible scenarios, but I’m going to offer a slightly different viewpoint instead.

We need to think bigger picture for a second, removing the virus and the deaths its causing, and focus on our own individual lives, asking ourselves one simple, yet powerful question:

If this pandemic was happening for a reason, what do I need to do in my own life to make a positive change, and ultimately view this as a positive opportunity?

There is a whole host of potential positive causes for this pandemic – global pollution needed curbing and this lockdown has already made a huge positive impact on the air pollution, animals needed to reclaim their habitats that we’ve taken from them over the years, even forcing us workaholics to get back in touch with our families and to rekindle those bonds that may have stretched over the years.

I’m personally using this time to build stronger bonds with my family, to reflect upon my business strategies, identifying new opportunities and ways of working, and more importantly, finding my own areas of improvement through reflection and self analysis, and finding ways to strengthen these, thus becoming a more well-rounded person in all aspects of my life.

We don’t know how long we will be in isolation for, but our lives are paused for the time being, so it’s a great opportunity to take note of where we are in life, and connect the dots to where we want to be, and harnessing the power and time that has been given to us.

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