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When the lockdown hit a few months ago, many of us breathed a silent beauty-related sigh of relief. No longer was there a pressing need to present oneself as beautiful and stylish every day. The pressure was off. 

Now, though, the effects of the lockdown are starting to take their toll. Many of us are getting the so-called “lockdown look” now we don’t have to impress anyone. We’ve reverted to nature, eschewing makeup or expensive clothes. When the only people we need to see are ourselves or close family, beauty considerations suddenly fall by the wayside. 

Interestingly, though, people aren’t just letting themselves go in the traditional sense. We don’t have to pretty ourselves, but we also have more time to consider the way we look. People on furlough or with less work than usual have more opportunities than ever before to think about their appearance. They have space to create a new regime from the ground up. 

We already see this effect in action. With more time available, people spending their time at home can focus on how they look. After all, they want to emerge from hibernation in style. 

Quarantine Is Leading To The Rise Of Home Pampering

For many people, keeping up appearances is actually an essential part of their lockdown routine. They don’t want to look into their mirror, hating the image staring back at them. They want to see something reasonably attractive in the reflection, and they’re prepared to put in the effort. 

Being in quarantine can be a little dull. But a modicum of self-pampering can help tremendously. Exfoliations, skin treatments, hair masks, and trying new makeup brands can all make a massive difference to how you look and feel. By switching things up and pampering yourself a little, you make yourself feel so much better than you would if you sat in your pajamas all day, grey-faced and sullen. 

With that said, many cosmetics companies are reporting a massive fall-off in sales. People don’t need to leave the house, so they’re showering less and not bothering to put on makeup. Unilever, for instance, says that demand for around a quarter of all its personal care products has fallen because customers only use them to prep for work. It also noted that there’s been a significant change in grooming habits since the government announced the new shelter-in-place rules.

Quarantine Is Making Us All Think About Our Accessory Choices

With that said, not everyone is feeling the pinch. On the fashion side of things, we may be seeing inklings of improvement. There’s evidence, for instance, that lockdown is also making us think more about our accessories. We are thinking about what we’re going to wear once we can go back to restaurants or go on holiday.

Usually, we don’t have the time to construct outfits from the ground up. But with quarantine giving us so much time on our hands, we are at liberty to indulge in a little experimentation. 

Starting with the head, we’re thinking more about spectacles. And for a good reason: eyewear has a massive impact on how you look. Researchers have found a link between the shape of your face and the type of glasses you should wear. For instance, if you have a round face, you should wear different glasses from somebody with a heart-shaped face and so on. 

We’re also considering what type of sandals, hats, and earrings we’re going to wear once we hit the beach. It won’t be long before the vast majority of us are ready to put on our swimsuits and head out into the sunshine. Typically, we don’t have time to think about our choices in-depth, but the lack of any kind of social life is changing all that massively. 

Quarantine Could Actually Be Improving Our Looks

You would think that spending the vast majority indoors all day would be detrimental to your appearance. Not being able to go out in the sun is a recipe for dark rings around the eyes, right? 

But on balance, current circumstances may be favorable for beauty. Think about how many times interacting with the outside world leads you to do things you know are bad for your appearance. When you go to work, you’re at risk of cake and snacks. The treats trolley comes around, offering you all sorts of things you know you shouldn’t eat. And often, you’re powerless to resist. 

Many people also feel the pressure to eat rich foods when they take clients out to expensive restaurants. We all know this sort of thing is bad for us, and yet we continue to indulge in it anyway, just because that’s the way that it has always been done. 

With people staying at home, though, none of these temptations exist. You simply eat what you buy in your grocery haul. And, more often than not, it is a heck of a lot better for you than anything you munch while eating out. 

For some people, socializing is a leading cause of beauty issues. All those nights out on the town, staying up late and drinking cocktail after cocktail can soon take their toll. Quarantine, though, has taken all that away, forcing us to lead less indulgent lives. 

Finally, stress is a significant driver of beauty issues. It can do everything, from making you more susceptible to weight gain to causing pimple breakouts. Avoiding the commute and spending more time on your own could, therefore, reduce the skin and body problems inflicted by the rest of the world. 

In summary, the story of quarantine and beauty is a complicated one. On the one hand, being trapped away in isolation seems like it would harm beauty regimes. People are not bothering so much with the way that they look. But on the other hand, they’re also doing the very things that everyone says they should do to look great. They’re getting early nights because they’re not going out so much at the weekend. They’re feeling less stressed because they no longer have to juggle their family and work. And they’re avoiding all the culinary temptations that exist the moment they leave the four walls of their homes.

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