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We’re still firmly in the midst of this COVID-19 era, but it feels as though we’re coming to the end of it all – or the beginning of the end, at least. It’s been a struggle, and so many lives have changed because of this strange, world-altering situation, but we seem to have nearly made it out. 

We’ve spent a lot of time indoors and away from people we love. We haven’t been able to do the things we normally do, and that has taken its toll on us all. Pretty much our entire lives and routines have been moved around because of this strange pandemic. In terms of the world as a whole: it has carried on spinning through the universe, but it feels as though it has been put on pause for the past few months. 2020 really has been awkward to say the very least. 

With all that said, we need to take a little look at ourselves and see how we’re doing during this time. We need to assess ourselves ahead of the release from this challenging time. How can we do that? Well, we’ll have a look at some of the faces of our lives. We can start by looking at these five: 

Our Mental Health 
This lockdown has really done a number on some people – especially those who like to get out and about. If you live with others, be sure to ask how they’re doing. Our world is a lot more sensitive to mental health issues these days, so it’s probably something you may have already done, but if you haven’t, then make it a goal. If you’re on your own, be sure to get in touch with someone and chat about things. 

Dental Hygiene
There are many different parts of our bodies that need care, but our teeth are right up there with the high-priority aspects. When we’re constantly going out, we tend to look at our teeth and put in the work regarding them. We haven’t been out and haven’t seen lots of people all that often this year, so we may not have been as bothered about how they look/feel, and general dentistry hasn’t exactly been on our minds. Be sure to give your gnashers a little check, though – and, for goodness sake, don’t neglect them, we want to see those lovely smiles when we can finally be nearer than 2m apart!

Social Life
We touched on it a short while ago, but our lives have been dramatically limited since the start of this virus. The use of Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook and HouseParty video calling apps have become everyday normality for most, but it’s not quite the same, is it? Still, something is better than nothing, and keeping in touch with loved ones really is the key to surviving in isolation. You may even manage to get closer to the love of your life during this period – absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that stuff! 

Our Basic Routines  
It’s thrown our entire routine and plans out of whack. You probably now operate completely differently to how you used to. Soon it’ll all be over, though, and we’ll be getting back to normal. Think about getting yourself back into the same kind of way you were before this whole ordeal. Try waking up at a reasonable hour and going to bed on time, try keeping to your same evening routine, it’s all about making sure you can still adapt and adjust back to the life we had before. It’s good to do it now instead of later.

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