Check out our must-have shades this season and keep the shade on your face where it's meant to be!

I’ve always naturally been drawn to sunglasses from a young age, despite the fact I’m extremely sensitive to light and have had them prescribed, it was a way for me to view the world without the world viewing me (subconsciously) and this was years before I realised what a powerful statement they made.

To some, shades are rude and a way for people to avoid really talking to someone on a deeper level than just vocally, for others they are a way to manoeuvre social situations comfortably, and for others it simple is a way of keeping their eyes healthy and blocked from the sun.

Whether you love them or hate them, they do have their place from a style perspective, and also for functional reasons (I wouldn’t recommend wearing them at night like I do – even I know it’s pointless but hey, sue me for wanting a complete look!).

Here I’ve give you my TOP 5 sunnies for this SS19 season to help you throw some shade (on your eyes that is!)

Oakley – Sutro
Designed and inspired by urban cyclists (which is an ever-growing audience these days) the high wrap ‘shield’ protects from the elements and the lens is specially designed with ‘Prizm’ technology to enhance colour, contrast, and detail.
Despite the science behind them, I actually think these are very fashionable and will give any look an urban edge – the 80’s and 90’s are back after all…

The Oakley Sutro £130 – available in 8 colourways from oakley.co.uk

PALA – Maha
Sustainable eyewear brand PALA have brought out a gorgeous styled called Maha this SS19 – and I’m living for them for a number of reasons!
As I’m sure most of you are aware, I am very conscious of the environment and the impact we’re having, and PALA are really trying to put practices in place to ensure the sustainability of their eyewear for the future.
Their packaging is all made from recycled materials (including their point of sale signage!), they give jobs to people in poverty to give them the opportunity to better their lives, and they are constantly looking for new ways to deliver quality products to us, whilst taking care of our planet!
The maha style is probably catered a little more to the ladies than the gents (unless like me you don’t care which way the coin lands) and with the cats eye shaped frame, it will define and highlight the jawline, and actually gives a natural facelift, perfect for heart shaped faces – I usually only wear frames like this for this reason (STYLIST TIP THERE!!!)

The PALA Maha £70 – available in 3 colourways from palaeyewear.com

For those of you that follow me on instagram, you will have seen that I actually wore a pair of RETROSUPERFUTURE shades to London Fashion Week recently, and they were such a talking point that I will no doubt be bringing them back out again soon!
The brand feature thicker, more prominent frames, meaning they lend themselves to those of us who like to make a statement – and with so many bold colours to choose from, there’s a statement to make for everyone!
These Vero Gazzetta style shades are perfect for a more relaxed, everyday look, and the tortoise shell frame is very ‘on trend’ (I hate that term) at the moment.
Be warned though, the tint isn’t full on blackout so people WILL see where you’re looking…

The RETROSUPERFUTURE Vero Gazzetta 149 euros – available from retrosuperfuture.com

Thierry Lasry – Morphology
By far my FAVOURITE of all the sunglasses I’ve tried recently, the Morphology style from Thierry Lasry is so comfortable and flattering, whilst remaining really trendy and edgy.
The round lenses sit inside a cats eye like frame (perfect for those heart shaped faces, remember?) and whilst they don’t look like they would suit you on their own, put them on your face and you’ll fall in love – I know I did!
The frame is extremely flattering and the fact the round lenses sit inside the frame is really different and a great talking point.
They are also some of the most comfortable glasses I’ve ever worn, I barely knew they were there most of the time. They are very lightweight and just sit on the bridge of your nose with ease – and absolute MUST HAVE!

The Thierry Lasry Morphology £450 – available in 6 colourways from thierrylasry.com

Anna-Karin Karlsson – The Claw & The Nest
Now if you want something a bit more lavish, and like a real statement accessory that will have everyone drooling over – then look no further than Anna-Karin Karlsson.
Karlsson creates what I call ‘wearable art for the eyes’ because they are so fantastical and not like anything else you’ll find.
Take this style, named ‘The Claw & The Nest’ – round lenses lend to smaller faces, it is adorned with ‘claws’ grabbing the lenses from the arms.
Whilst these glasses won’t be within everyones budget, they are super fun and have such character that I simple had to put them in, and who knows, maybe you can treat yourself to an early Christmas present…?

The Anna-Karin Karlsson The Claw & The Nest 840 euros – available from annakarinkarlsson.com

So what are you waiting for? Throw some shade on your eyes this season and keep your eyes healthy, your style on trend, and your haters BLOCKED!

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