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Revealing the intimate guarded feelings we invoke when we fall in love, Tim Chadwick boldly sings about it in his new single 'I Need to Know'

Tim Chadwick has been in Dublin’s singer-songwriter scene for some time now, crafting his big-hearted songs at shows across the city for anyone that will listen. He experienced success with his last EP ‘Early Days’ in 2017 including some Irish radio hits including ‘Blindfolded’, ‘Belong’ and ‘Tell Me That’, Chadwick is fast becoming an Irish pop icon, and with 10M+ combined streams on Spotify, it’s not surprising that he’s breaking into the UK pop scene.

People are starting to ask themselves what feels right, rather than what they are told to believe is right and that is so encouraging for present and future generations to witness.

Tim Chadwick speaking with Boyfriend Mag – March 2019

‘I Need To Know’ is a carefully crafted, pop-centric song which is both energetic, and flamboyant, whilst showcasing a level of maturity in it’s exposed lyrics. When I first heard the track, I was bopping along, but it wasn’t until the third or fourth listen that I really realised the rawness of the lyrics, and I have been hooked ever since.

Listen to the track below:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim on his recent single release:

I recently visited Dublin for St Patricks Day and I was so thrilled to see the acceptance that Ireland has for diversity, including sexuality, race and religion – it really seems the country truly has grasped and embraced the differences in each of us and it’s a beautiful thing to see. As an irishman yourself, would you say that this was a fair statement and have you had a similar experience growing up? 

“This is a totally accurate statement to make. Ireland has truly come on leaps and bounds, which is amazing to see and also live through. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a time where the people of this country have gotten the opportunity to use their voices for two huge referendums (Marriage Equality / Repeal The 8th). I think Ireland has begun to think for itself and has truly taken upon itself the welfare of its citizens. People are starting to ask themselves what feels right, rather than what they are told to believe is right and that is so encouraging for present and future generations to witness. Music and The Arts have never been as diverse as they are today and I’m incredibly proud that I can be a small part of that.”

Your latest single ‘I Need To Know’ is all about how difficult it is to fall in love, and how those feelings can leave you feeling a bit guarded, and this is often a common theme within dating in the 21st century, do you have any advice on the best way to overcome this?

“Love is hard and emotions are so complex and confusing at times. I think being guarded is healthy at times but it can really be a hindrance when it results in a fear of failure.

I am far from an expert in this area to be giving advice, but what I would say is that sometimes you just have to go through heartbreak. In my eyes heartbreak just means you fully put yourself into something that didn’t work out, and that’s okay. I would rather feel everything as wildly and as intensely as I can, than to feel nothing at all. That’s what gives our lives significance, in my opinion. It takes all sorts of people to make up this world and not everyone is going to see it the way you do. But you can grow from that and move on to someone who sees you for you. Never beat down parts of yourself in an effort to gain approval. Because when that person is gone, you don’t want to be left with someone who you don’t love or recognise. It goes for making art too. Make what you want to make. The world wants to experience what you have to say, how you say it and how you see it. Make what you need to make, be who you want to be and the world will fall in love with that.”

Freddie Mercury would be proud of your moustache, and we think its glorious, are there any style icons that you use as a point of reference, and if so, who are they and why?

“Why, thank you! My dad had one for 40 years and one day shaved it off, so I decided to carry on the tradition. Let’s talk again in another 40 years and see how it’s fairing.

I really don’t look to any one person in particular to be honest. I like to keep my mind and eyes open and look at how people have been expressing themselves. A couple of years ago I would have never(!!!) had the courage to express myself the way I do now. I think the line between fashion and music has never been more blurred. Like mentioned above, acceptance has come on leaps and bounds and now I’m lucky I can just express myself how ever I want on any given day! I am by no means a trailblazer, but I like changing it up every once and a while now and playing with eyeliner and makeup, just because it’s fun and I like how it makes me look and feel. Interesting you brought up Freddie. He was a great example of queer expression and it was so bold at the time, the same with Elton John and the likes, but now in 2019 it takes a lot less to shock people, which is amazing don’t you think? Like I said before, people have just started to let people be. Dress how you want! Look how you want! At the end of the day, the people who care what you look like must have very little going on because…who has that time?”

Whats next for you?

“Well, I’ve a busy summer lined up. I’m doing the Irish music festival circuit which includes Sea Sessions and Indiependence (two festivals I have had on my bucket list!) and more to be announced! I’ve also got some UK shows which is exciting. Hit The North Festival in Newcastle and some London shows too so stay tuned…

I’m also working towards more music. I have lived a lot of life in the last year, good, bad and then that weird and uncomfortable place in between, and I’m so excited that I can finally put that all down and have people hear it. My goal for 2019 is to just make good music and connect with people who dig it. I want to keep my head down and keep my chin up. Within the industry there can be an awful lot of unnecessary noise and sometimes the concept and importance of connecting with people gets lost. I’m at a place now that I never thought possible and the reason that is is because people have given my music time and love and made an effort to share it. It’s all about strangers connecting with strangers and thats why what I do is so rewarding and insane at the same time!”

Photo by Zyanya Lorenzo

Chadwick, having debuted his 4-piece band at UK festivals Live At Leeds and The Great Escape, is now focusing on the approaching horizon of summer 2019. He is already confirmed to play Irish festivals Indiependence and Sea Sessions as well as UK festival Hit The North with further dates to follow. Keep up to date with all his latest announcements on instagram @timtimyall

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