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Eco-Friendly Brand Urban Veda collaborates with UK Charity Plastic Oceans to help solve the biggest threat to our planet, plastic pollution...

Last month was World Earth Month, and in celebration, we had the pleasure to hear the founder of Plastic Oceans, a UK charity focused on the ocean’s plastic pollution, Jo Ruxton, in collaboration with eco-friendly brand Urban Veda, talk about her passion and how the Plastic Oceans project began.

Frankly, we believe every month should be Earth Month, because we all need to remember to do better to save the only planet we have to live on and that we plan to leave for our children.

Jo Ruxton was a documentary film producer (the BBC’s Blue Planet), working on a project in 2009 where they were on an expedition looking for a legendary floating island of plastic that was meant to exist in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What they found was more disturbing. Plastic when in sustained contact with salt water, deteriorates and breaks down into small pieces. Small enough they are mistaken for krill or other sources of food for animals scavenging the ocean for their next meal.

They found baby pelicans starving to death with their stomachs filled with plastic. The floating plastic island expedition became the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean‘ (available on Netflix), which Sir David Attenborough himself called “the most important film of our generation”.

“Our expedition to the centre of the North Pacific Ocean changed the course and purpose of our work. No longer did we only view plastic waste as an eyesore and something that was entangling marine life, it had revealed itself to be an insidious threat to the entire marine food chain, carrying hazardous chemicals to top predators with the potential to threaten human health.”

Said Jo Ruxton.

Whilst the foundation works on education, science and sustainability to change behaviours and practices towards the use and value of plastics, they partner up with vegan brands like Urban Veda that are just as passionate about the planet as they are about natural skincare. They hope that by changing the way we consume, the partnership will help transform the way we deal with plastic waste.

Urban Veda’s ethos aligns with Plastic Oceans UK since they use eco-friendly packaging to encourage consumers to recycle or reuse with their purchases. To support the Plastic Oceans movement and encourage people to adopt a healthy approach and interest in plastic pollution, Urban Veda is donating 10% from their online sales at to the Foundation.

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