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Wanda Orme and Coco de Mer have collaborated on a series of images to showcase the Coco de Mer latexwear collection.

Wanda Orme, Born on the Isle of Man, raised in London, and lost in California, this multi-disciplinary visual artist and writer has recently returned to London after working in New York. Holding Master’s degrees in both Anthropology and Psychology, her work aims to communicate and subvert, with a focus on experience, vulnerability, resonance and sexuality. Her photographic work and writings have been published and exhibited in both Europe and North America, including her recently published first book of poetry, The Becoming Light of Water.

Coco De Mers latexwear collection is as much high fashion as they are boudoir apparel. The collection appeals to the fetish market – with its nods and nuances to bondage and dominatrix inspired straps and accessories, but also combining glamorous dresses and nightgowns to appeal to its already existing and loyal customer.

Wanda’s process of creating imagery is driven by resonance and instinct. She follows what draws her to something and then questions it. Her work is a product of that conversation between desire and a kind of playful analysis. The sense of potency in the work is important to her – “that the work has an energy which exceeds the image”. These images explore ideas of surplus excess and bloom in relationship to sexuality – “the waxing moon, overflow and abundance”.

Wanda Orme says: “I have always loved lingerie, for myself and for the sharing. It’s the pleasure of the exchange, watching oneself, being watched. Coco de Mer is a brand that I feel has captured this play and exchange, lingerie that women enjoy firstly for themselves, and then in the sharing. There is a sensibility in Coco de Mer that I feel traces the edges of the private – both aesthetically and metaphysically. The aesthetic is nuanced and provocative.”

Lucy Litwack, CEO of Coco de Mer says: “I love Wanda’s work. When she contacted us about collaborating on a project, I jumped at the chance. Wanda understands the fine balance between sexuality and femininity and the images we have developed exude sensuality, energy and desire; highlighting our latex collection to breathtaking effect.”

We adore this pairing, and think the synergy between the more bondage inspired, and over sexualised collection by Coco De Mer, and the analytical depth of Wandas image creations, is one which will be revered for some time.

Coco de Mer latexwear: Prices start from £75 for a g string or mittens and reach £345 for a dress and all pieces are available in the Coco de Mer boutique and online at | @CocoDeMerUK | | @wandaorme


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