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With advances in technology, and an increasing demand to reduce fast fashion, DiVERGE have created a cool new customisable footwear platform...

With advances in technology, and an increasing demand to reduce fast fashion and really cherish the clothes and accessories you own so you hold onto them longer, many brands are introducing new customised options which will hopefully meet that ever growing need.

DiVERGE are a new footwear brand that create premium, handmade sneakers that are fully customisable, meaning you can design them to suit your own personal preferences!

Their website allows you to use a cool design interface to choose everything from the footwear style, to the colour of the different elements of the product. This means you can really create something you really value and care for, and you can even inscribe something on the back!

Below are some screenshots I took of my design experience…

and when they arrived…

As you can see, the shoe quality is excellent, and every pair is handmade specifically to your customised design, so there is 0 wastage generated!

This does mean you pay a little bit more of a premium for the product, with pairs ranging from £157 for the slip on canvas trainers to £238 for the landscape white canvas trainers, but can you really put a price on the environmental impact?

Furthermore, the leather is soft to the touch, and wears well, I’ve worn my almost everyday for over a week and a half now, and they haven’t worn down, discoloured, scratched or marked, nothing! My only criticism is that when I wear white socks with them, the inner lining dye rubs off and mark my socks, but it washes off just fine so it’s nothing that’s going to cause damage to other clothing items.

So go and have a play today and design your own pair, it’s a fun experience and gives you lots of inspiration for new outfits too!

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