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With 14,000 participants, the ASICS London 10k made history last weekend as the first and largest closed-road running event since lockdown, and what a way to start the running season off. The atmosphere was electric with DJ’s, choirs, and marching bands, following the beautiful course that spanned across iconic landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye and more, and the Boyfriend team all finished with a few of us even hitting some all-important personal bests!

The race saw people of all ages and abilities come out and run for various causes, but the biggest takeaway from the event was the overall joy and fun that everyone had. The joy of being out in London running again was such an incredible feeling. Runners could also participate in a global study into the effects of exercise on our mindset, the mantra ‘Move Minds, Uplift London’ was highlighted throughout, and you could logon to the official ASICS Mind Uplifter Tool and scan your face before the race, and then scan again after the race, and the study already identified that the race successfully uplifted the mental state of the capitol by 24%.

Celebrity activist and TV presenter Katie Piper opened the race and joined the runners out on the course, she said: :”I’ve had such an amazing day taking part in the ASICS London 10K. I’m a real believer in the power of exercise to help boost my mental wellbeing so to be able to see the uplift today’s race has had on my mind and for others using the Mind Uplifter has been really powerful.”

LimeLight Sports Group were thrilled and delighted with the success of the event, Craig Dews, CEO said: “It’s incredible to be back. It’s been such a long road to get to the ASICS London 10K and so much hard work has gone into it. The LimeLight Sports Club team have been following the government guidelines throughout and working really hard with our peers in our industry to make sure we’ve got COVID-19 protocols in place, ensuring mass participation events can return safely.”

The group have also just launched a brand new membership platform that allows customers to pay a monthly or annual subscription in return for a host of benefits. These include competitions, personalised content and discounts on race entries for major fitness events produced by LimeLight Sports Club – Hackney Moves Festival including Hackney Half, London Duathlon, ASICS London 10K, London Triathlon, Blenheim Palace Triathlon, Oxford Half and Etape Caledonia.

The bar has been set very high for the rest of the running season events, but we know one thing is for sure, lockdown has given runners plenty of training time, with the winner Andrew Heyes clocking in at an impressive 29 minutes and 25 seconds, we know Heyes and everyone else are more than thrilled to be back out together on the roads again.

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