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It's no secret we're huge fans of hyper-street brand DB Berdan, and their new SS20 menswear collection is a perfect example of why.

The new collection fuses gorgeous teal hues, with punchy purples and fluorescent greens, and the colour of the season, yellow but in a more dusted and muted way. The brand also shows us how mens street style doesn’t have to just be a bomber and trackies, with lycra running shorts, oversized shirting, frilled mesh tops and bleached denim jackets all adding different elements to the traditional street attire.

We personally adore the panelled tracksuits as they are a signature of the brand and really call for the wearer to not be afraid of standing out – for all the right reasons. We also love the purple crinkled jacket and the purple mesh top, mainly because purple is such an incredible colour, but also because we feel these pieces really show us what gender fluid clothing can look like to an audience that is probably very unfamiliar with it – and it isn’t an aggressive showcase either.

We’ve also just heard that DB Berdan will be back with their dream team including Stylist Kay Altamira for London Fashion Week, so we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Some of the DB Berdan collection is available to purchase on at ASOS HERE and on their website HERE

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