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Written by Adam Roberts – Contributing TV & Film Editor

Netflix Original ‘I Am Not OK With This’ has just been released on Netflix, and I was blown away.
The show is about a young girl called Sydney, who is facing the trials and issues of being a teenage girl, having family clashes since her dad died, and an awakening both with her sexuality, and some mysterious happenings with her body.

This show is refreshing, and not because we haven’t seen shows about teens with superpowers trying to fit in and find their place in the world, but because it is funny, dark and angsty all rolled into one.
Each actor is honest and has a sense of realness and the lead actors play their roles in a way that radiates from their core, demonstrating great acting skills and harnessing raw emotions, making the show stand out as something truly unique in this teenage angst category.

The main character Sydney gives a monologue throughout, and maybe it’s just me but I can relate to her on point use of the “F word”.
She has had a difficult home life, that has left her feeling empty. She like most teenagers is struggling to find herself and where she fits in at home and school. She is exploring her sexuality and is confused and scared about what that might mean, all the while developing superpowers (as if being a teenager isn’t enough to content with).
Her friendship with the character Stanley is beautiful and funny. He is a free spirit, has an awesome fashion style, and has his own complicated family dynamics lending itself to an even more diversified storyline.
Her little brother Liam is also clever and witty and I hope to see him and other characters develop in the next season (still awaiting confirmation).

My only complaint about the whole season, was I binge watched it all in less than 3 hours as each episode varies in length from 15-20 minutes, however, that was me totally gripped and wanting more.

Clearly the title here is misleading as even though the lead character is not OK with this, as a watcher, I am – can’t wait for the next season.

‘I Am Not OK With This’ is available on Netflix now.

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