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Whether you’re a fan of them for everyday wear, only lash them out (pun intended) for special occasions or haven’t really ventured for fear of the unknown, false lashes are here to stay, and they just keep getting better. And really, is there an easier quick fix to making you look put together, especially when still having to wear masks on a daily? Regardless of if you’re an expert level fake lashes wearer or a beginner, we rounded up a selection of some of the best lashes out there, from the natural to the dramatic, volumising or lengthening, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits you!

Best for a natural look:

Pinky Goat Vegan Lashes in style Katya, RRP £7.99

Made from vegan faux mink, they create amazing curl with extra volume, but are shorter than your usual lash, giving you an incredibly natural look.

Available at Superdrug

Eyelash Emporium Studio Strip Lashes in Act Natural, RRP £8.95

For natural lashes with a side of drama, these faux mink lashes will deliver a beautifully voluminous, curled finish. Suitable for any eye shape, but best for enhancing rounded eyes. 

Available at and Superdrug

Best for all the drama:

KVD Go Big or Go Home Vegan False Lashes in Dramatic, RRP £18.00

Double layered for the most extreme volume and just the right extra length, these vegan lashes are gorgeously soft and luxurious, giving you a beautifully fuller lash look.

Available at Feel Unique

KISS Triple Push Up XL in Chemise, RRP £7.99

For an extra dramatic longer length and curl with a spiky finish and full, fluffy volumising layers. Achieve all your over-dramatic, grandeur lash dreams with these lusciously lavish glam lashes!

Available at Superdrug

Best individuals:

Huda Beauty Classic Lash in Alyssa #2, RRP £17.00

With four lengths of lashes in each pack to help mimic the natural gradation of eyelashes, these individual lashes are perfect to add customised length and volume to achieve the most flattering and natural of looks.

Available at Huda Beauty

KISS Falscara Natural Wispy Wisps Multipack, RRP £9.99

Ideal to achieve a fluttery and voluminous look, the pack contains 3 different lengths (Short, Medium and Long) to fit various eye shapes for a fully customizable look. Designed with a unique microband and featherlight fibers that you place under your natural lashes (slightly away from the waterline), rather than above them. The result is a seamless, natural lash look.

Available at Superdrug

Best for hooded eyes:

Pinky Goat Vegan Lashes in style Sahar, RRP £9.99

Vegan silk lashes, in a super soft, voluminous and lengthening style for a bit of extra glamour. Ideal for those with hooded eyes, as it will help create an eye-opening effect.

Available at Superdrug

Huda Beauty Lengthie Lash in Hoodie #23, RRP £17.00

The ultimate choice for an ultra-dramatic, ultra-fluffy, ultra-long and ultra-voluminous look for the ultimate lash lover with a wispy finish.

Available at Huda Beauty and Cult Beauty

Best for deep-set eyes:

Eyelash Emporium Studio Strip Lashes in Dusk ‘til Dawn, RRP £8.95

This faux mink lash style gives a dramatic, full-on glam winged effect, which is perfect to enhance deep set, upturned or close set eye shapes. 

Available at and Superdrug

KISS MLBB in Blessed, RRP £6.99

Get everyday wearable volume which looks as natural as your own lash. The wispy design makes it perfect for any occasion and the seamless band makes it virtually effortless and indetectable.

Available at Superdrug

Best for small eyes:

Ardell Naked Lashes #425, RRP £5.49

Ideal to add subtle volume and length, these are created with a wispy finish, perfect for everyday wear. Get ready to emphasize the natural beauty of your lashes.

Available at Beauty Bay, Boots and Look Fantastic

Huda Beauty Shortie Lash in Olivia #18, RRP £17.00

Crafted with a shorter length band, these are ideal for anyone, from beginners to habitual lash wearers. Created to give eyes natural volume and flattering length, with a wispy finish for understated everyday glamour.

Available at Huda Beauty and Cult Beauty

Best for mono-lidded eyes:

Eyelash Emporium Studio Strip Lashes in Extra AF, RRP £8.95

The name says it all! The Extra AF faux mink style is perfect to create a dramatic, ultra glam look. This multi-layered, fluffy lash is longest at the centre making it especially well suited to enhance mono-lidded, protruding, hooded or almond shaped eyes.

Available at and Superdrug

Ardell Extension FX L Curl, RRP £6.49

Best faux mink for those in need of a more natural style to lift and define the eyes. Ideal if you’ve got monolid or hooded eyes because they’re a doll shape with a smaller curl and more natural thickness. 

Available at Superdrug

Best for volume:

Pinky Goat Vegan Lashes in style Elaf, RRP £7.99

These faux Mink lashes are perfect for smaller eyes as they add natural-looking volume and curl with a wispy effect.  

Available at Superdrug

KVD Go Big or Go Home Vegan False Lashes in Natural, RRP £18.00

Soft and wispy, designed for gentle volume, these 100% cruelty-free lashes are perfect to deliver a pretty, fluttery everyday look.

Available at Feel Unique

Best for lengthening:

Huda Beauty Faux Mink in Farah #12, RRP £18.00

With eyebrow-grazing length and believable volume, these triple stacked lashes are ideal for those with larger lids, prominent brow bones or who like a more high impact lash finish.

Available at Huda Beauty and Cult Beauty

Kiss Falscara Lengthening Wisps Multipack, RRP £9.99

Designed for a soft natural look with subtle length. You will need to get the Bond & Seal and specially designed Applicator and Remover separately (as they don’t come in this pack) to be able to properly apply and remove these, but the results are fantastic! Totally worth the extra bit of hassle. 

Available at Superdrug

The best wispies:

KISS MLBB in All Mine, RRP £6.99

Achieve super gorgeous, natural, everyday volume due to the full, beautifully fluffy and delicate V-shaped clusters. And it’s uber light and virtually undetectable thanks to the superfine clear band. 

Available at Superdrug

Eyelash Emporium Studio Strip Lashes in The Walk of Fame, RRP £8.95

This gorgeous lash gives a wispy, subtle glam effect, with a more natural look. As an evenly distributed layered lash, this style is especially suitable for round eyes, although it will look fabulous on anyone. 

Available at and Superdrug

The best magnetic ones:

Ardell Magnetic Liner & Lash #110, RRP £17.99

Ideal for beginners these have an easy 2-step application process, making them easier and simpler to put on and take off without any glue. 

Available at Boohoo and Beauty Bay

Eylure Pro Magnetic Fluttery Intense #179, RRP £15.00

This intense, fluttery style is perfect to give you that little extra oomph, without so much faff. Magnetic eyeliner and strong-hold magnets work together to keep lashes securely in place.

Available at ASOS

The best corner accents:

Eylure ¾ length lashes #010, RRP £5.95

Gorgeously segmented into full and fluffy V-shaped clusters, the ¾ length lash style offers a voluminous, wispy finish. Perfect for first-timers with its no fuss, no measure and no trim quick application.

Available at Look Fantastic and Feel Unique

Ardell Accent #318, RRP £5.49

Half sized lashes designed to enhance your natural lash flutter. Add texture, length and a touch of volume with this multi-layered lash, creating a natural, wispy finish, with a graduated length that enhances all eye shapes beautifully. 

Available at Feel Unique and Beauty Bay

The best winged styles:

Eyelash Emporium Studio Strip Lashes in Get That Angle, RRP £8.95

This is a soft glam, subtle, fluttery lash with a slightly winged outer edge, making it particularly well-suited for upturned or close-set eyes.

Available at

Ardell Aqua Lash #341, RRP £6.99

Ideal for beginners, the water-activated lash band requires no glue, just water, making these lashes perfect for use at home or on-the-go. The wispy, tapered style delivers light-medium volume that is perfect for everyday looks.

Available at ASOS, Look Fantastic and Beauty Bay

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