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The world of sports is increasingly linked to the world of fashion and trends. Sales of sportswears and activewear went up because we were seeing massive changes in how we portray and merchandise this clothing. To get an idea, within the world of sportswear, 45% of sales are taken by yoga clothing but only 4.5% of buyers end up practicing it. More and more people are combining running shoes with runway looks and firms are catching up to date by designing garments for the high demand. Hence, brands such as Chanel or Dior succeed in the luxury sector with their high fashion sports shoes. This was unthinkable a few years ago. It seems that style and comfort is the winning combination that contributes to this great trend, I mean, we all love a little hoodie and blazer combo right?

A Silent Trend

Sport is the new language that knows no boundaries. It is a social connection that behind everything there is a tendency to show that practicing sports is cool and represents power, and although we do not realize it, this trend has been gradually entering our day to day lives. Not just with Chanel or Dior. We have a clear example with the collaboration of Alexander Wang x H&M where each of their garments reminded us of the outfit of a particular sport. It’s fresh and it’s fun. Whether it’s inspiration from Rugby Kits or the crisp white of Cricket Outfits, sport is becoming fashion.

Giles Deacon

It is now eight years (since its inception) that the British couturier Giles Deacon collaborated with P&G Future Fabrics to create a capsule collection where the debated topic is present in each and every one of his new proposals. This year, with a sporty touch in between, Giles showed us a very particular vision of this world where colourful and striking patterns were present in each of his new designs. A little reminiscent of Ashley Isham SS19.

Specifically, yoga clothes

If sportswear in general has managed to be one of the most sought after, specifically, it has been yoga and pilates clothing that has become a trend. These practices have become the exercise of the moment and as such, leading the trend of putting on sportswear outside the gym, we see many ladies pairing yoga leggings whilst doing the school run. Thus, firms dedicated to this type of garment such as Lululemon or Beyond Yoga, among others, have increased their demand by 38%. The products related to this practice at Lyst have increased by 42%, especially leggings, and this is a garment that will give something to talk about. Changes are coming and they are stepping up their game, so to speak! 

So how is it evolving?

Ecological sportswear is one of the main trends expected for 2021. Not only are brands beginning to become aware of the need to protect the planet by changing their materials for other recycled and organic ones, but the public prefers to look for garments made in a conscious and sustainable way, achieving historical highs.  Not only will this put pressures on brands to achieve a higher quality of finish with a focus on function for it’s primary use, but will also mean they need to continue keeping the activewear trendy and appealing to the masses to secure their position in the mainstream markets.

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