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Our Editor In Chief, Aaron Mark, had the pleasure of having a 60 minute Sisley Facial at Charlotte Cave, and he's here to tell you why you should have one too...

Skin – it’s a big part of our bodies (literally) and so it’s important we look after it! This is especially important for the skin on our face because it’s always on show – and bad skin can affect our confidence in social situations.

I unfortunately suffer with bad skin, it just doesn’t like me and hasn’t done from my early teens. I have really oily skin, which at times can become dehydrated, and I have bags under my eyes bigger than the bags you get from IKEA!
I have a relatively good skincare routine after spending years of trying different things and experimenting with various products, so I’m always a bit worried about getting a facial treatment because I don’t want to ‘disturb the peace’ so to speak.

I got invited by my lovely friends at POP PR to attend a pamper session they were arranging with Charlotte Cave and Prep Social – and who can turn down a pamper session (especially as this was scheduled in 2 days before FW started!)

Upon arriving at Charlotte Cave’s salon in Balham, I was greeted by a glass of prosecco and some sweet treats, and got to relax and chat whilst waiting for my facial appointment. I was also told I was booked in for a Sisley 60 minute appointment, which at the time meant very little to me but I later found out what this was.

My facialist, Claudia, took me through to a back room where she proceeded to ask me questions about my skincare routine, what was I using, problem areas etc and then proceeded to inspect my skin.
She hovered a huge magnifying glass with a bright light over my face, examining everything that I had likely just become accustomed to – and then talked me through her findings.

Now you would think at this point that I would be embarrassed or ashamed, but it was actually the opposite, I felt reassured that someone else could see the problems I have been having, and had some solutions to help – HALLELUJAH!

The Sisley Bespoke Facial, is said to combat ageing, dehydration, and improve the skins overall health, using Sisley products which are made from the finest ingredients, blending plant extracts, and the purest and richest essential oils.

I had a number of products used on my skin, each felt as lovely as the last, and they were all carefully selected to work on my problem areas. At the end of the treatment, my skin felt rejuvenated, I even looked like I had a natural glow (how that’s possible when I’m paler than Casper the Ghost is a miracle!) and I was gifted a small sample of the Sisley Soothing Mask, which was used on my skin to calm down my redness and relax my skin.

I have since used the mask at home – and OMG it’s divine! It’s a little pricey in my opinion (£88 for 60ml), but worth every single penny because it does wonders to my skin!

I want to say a huge thank you to my lovely friends at POP PR for arranging this for me (especially J, you superstar!), to the wonderful Claudia for her amazing treatment, to the gorgeous Charlotte Cave and her lovely team at the salon who made me feel so welcome, and to Sisley for bringing such beautiful products to us.

The Sisley Bespoke Facial can be booked as a 60 minute treatment – £150, or a 90 minute treatment – £180 – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO BOOK IN TODAY


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