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What is it? How long will it last? Why do I feel like the universe is against me? Spoiler Alert - it isn't...

Believe it or not, Mercury Retrograde isn’t just something spiritualists and astrologists use as an excuse for everything going wrong, it really is a cosmic event.

From 7th to 31st July, we are in Mercury Retrograde which is when Mercury passes between us and the sun. This happens a couple times a year because it’s the closest planet to the sun, meaning it’s orbit is much shorter than other planets. It’s unknown why, but when this happens, it causes a pretty significant energy shift that everyone seems to notice on some level.

There are many different beliefs on why this could be, but instead of focusing on the why, I wanted to get straight to the hard facts of how this could affect you, and what you can do to combat this…

Were you feeling angry or unsettled at the start of July?

Many people experience feelings of increased anger or frustration just before Mercury retrograde occurs. This is completely normal and affects everyone differently, the main thing to remember is that the feelings will pass and to keep yourself hydrated and channel your feelings into something productive such as exercise or writing.

Feeling nostalgic, sentimental, or emotionally unstable?

This phenomenon is notorious for causing all kinds of upset once it starts, ex’s may suddenly appear very attractive again, relationships will seem rocky and in some cases even end (which then all too often may get back together once retrograde has passed) and you’ll be experiencing everything on a much deeper level than normal. The key is to be kind to yourself and others, and know that this energy shift will pass and that you will feel back to normal after that, until then just have your tissues at the ready.

Has your phone or laptop starting playing up?

Technology is always affected by Mercury retrograde, with everything from servers crashing (remember the Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp server crash a couple weeks ago?), devices failing, and even fuses tripping. The advice here is simple – backup, backup, backup! All your data and files, especially important ones, need to be backed up more regularly whilst retrograde is in effect, and don’t be careless with your devices, treat them with care.

Projects or plans falling through or changing at the last minute?

This isn’t a good time to sign any new deals or launch anything, and whilst that sometimes can’t be avoided, don’t expect everything to go as smoothly or as well as you had hoped. During this time, it’s common for things to get a bit bumpy, this is because everyone is feeling unsettled, they’re overly cautious and obsessively analysing everything , but it will pass so give it time. The trick is to plan and try and push things back into August when the energy will all right itself…

So with so much seeming to go wrong, what can we do to try and ride this July out as painlessly as possible?

  • Be kind to yourself and others – everyone is going through it in some form, so listen, offer advice, and be there for one another.
  • Don’t panic – everything will right itself again soon and almost everything that happens during the retrograde is temporary, that doesn’t mean you can be reckless and act a fool, but change is a state to get used to during this time and then when it has passed and the dust has settled, you’ll finally be able to see and think more clearly.
  • Drink plenty of water – try avoiding things like alcohol that may make you even more susceptible to a changing emotional state.
  • Talk to one another – Remember, we’re all in this together, so talking about how you feel or what’s going on will help, you may even find that other people feel exactly the same as you.
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