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Find out how Wrangler are making 'Indigood' on their environmental promises and commitments...

Sustainability has been a big focus for the world of consumer products for some time now, and with the fashion industry being the 2nd largest polluter of the world, brands and designers alike have felt the pressure to embed more environmentally conscious solutions to their processes and products.

Wrangler have been one of the worlds largest producers of denim for over 70 years, and they have introduced a brand new process of dying their denim that eliminates ALL WATER WASTAGE!
Yes thats right, all of it! That’s huge in an industry where water is so easily polluted with chemicals and dyes.

Before we go into too much detail, we feel this video may answer some of your already burning questions…

So Wrangler have got a plan for their business called ‘We Care’. This plan involves:
– Being powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025
– Conserve 5.5 billion litres of water at their owned and operated facilities by 2020
– Remove 100% of unwanted chemistry from their supply chain by 2020
– Source 100% sustainable cotton by 2025

They are making good strides towards these commitments, with having already saved over 3.3 billion litres of water in their owned and operated facilities since 2007 and their new dying process ‘Indigood’ is set to continue their promise of responding to the worlds changing climate.

So what is Indigood?

First, let’s start with the basics, the indigo colour you get in jeans is made from weaving indigo dyed yarn with naturally white yarn. The dying process for the indigo yarn uses a lot of energy and water and produces blue wastewater as a result which is damaging to the oceans and thus the environment overall (because by now I’m sure we have all realised that everything is connected… – watch The Lion King for further education on the Circle of Life)

In all seriousness though, denim is a huge market, the the amount of wastewater is produces from its dying processes is HUGE. Some companies are responding to this in the best way they can, for example, Crew Clothing Company uses only 100% recycled water for the dying of their denim, and that’s true for most brands too, but Wrangler have taken this one step further.

Indigood is a brand new foam dying process that uses no water (well, other than to clean the machines themselves) – meaning a 100% reduction in waste water!
The process was created by Texas Tech University who received early stage funding and technical guidance for the innovation.

Wrangler are the first brand to introduce this process to market with their ICONS AW19 collection, and that’s just the beginning, they are working closely with denim mills in Asia and North America to bring this to market on a larger scale.

Here are some examples of how these individual items are being produced with a commitment to change the planet (womens options are also available):

So go out and do something worthwhile this summer, treat yourself to a new pair of jeans or a denim jacket (because they are basic staples that go with everything) and why not save the planet at the same time!

You can find out more about Wrangler and their commitments to sustainability at

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