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Anyone who reads the news will know that the retail space is a completely different landscape to what it was a few years ago, and so fresh and innovative ideas to how retail can respond to customers ever changing expectations are an integral part of todays retail businesses.

Bailian Group and URF Group opened a brand new space called TX Huaihai | Youth Energy Center in Shanghai, China back in December. The space was created to connect the worlds of art and fashion, and was designed to be a mindful yet blank canvas for brands and artists to showcase their work in a museum-like style.

Research has shown that offline consumption will only grow if brands and retailers create experiences and spaces that take customers outside of their normal everyday shopping experiences. One of these techniques is introducing digital innovations and features that draw traffic into shopping spaces, think about the giant digital piano in Selfridges – it’s an attraction that people come to see, and hopefully the store can then encourage you to buy their goods whilst you’re there.

Dickson Sezto, Chairman of URBAN REVITALIZATION FORCE (URF), first proposed and described CURETAIL (Curation for Retail / Curated Retail) in depth at the “Hi! Let’s Huaihai” Innovation Summit in Shanghai last fall. Dickson Sezto stated that

“Retailing is no longer just a transaction between goods and consumers. The modern younger generation has hundreds of dynamic tags. TX Huaihai | Youth Energy Center has created a matching experience destination for them through community tagging.”

So far, the space is filled with exciting new brands, exhibitions, and stores such as “No Coffee”, the coffee shop run by an ex staff of Fujiwara Hiroshi, which sells tote bags, t-shirts, general gifting and of course… coffee, Innersect which carry brands such as Ambush, Herschel Supply, A-COLD-WALL*, ALYX, SSUR*PLUS Bearbrick and more, and excitingly teamLab will be opening a brand new experience space this Spring – and so much more!

This is an exciting time for innovations in retail, and I for one am very excited to see how this retail space continues to grow and develop, and here’s hoping more spaces like this open up around the world.

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