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Depixym is for Him, Her and Them. It's for those who refuse to be defined, breaking the boundaries and redefining 'acceptable human aesthetics'. So forget everything you know about 'makeup'...

Genderless just got real.

Tired of the corporate approach to cosmetics and how the labelling of products as “makeup” still carries a feminine connotation, new British brand Depixym founders Alice Rhodes and Victoria Feebery, whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet and chat with earlier last month, decided to create their cosmetic emulsions, for everyone and anyone, everywhere.

“Depixym is for Him, Her and Them. It’s for those who refuse to be defined, breaking the boundaries and redefining ‘acceptable human aesthetics’. So forget everything you know about ‘makeup’…”


With a long background in product development (over 25 years combined in the beauty industry), they noticed the biggest request in terms of product was for long-wear, non-transfer, high-pigment, blendable and multi-use products, regardless of what product it was.

So they decided to jump out of the proverbial box and create a product line that does everything, for everyone, regardless of race, gender or age. For you to play with and do with what you want.

“Depixym’s goal is simple – we want to make an irreversible stamp on this industry and let people know that they are amazing and that they are enough. We are here to give the people what they want, not what we want – the freedom to be exactly who they are and feel absolutely incredible about it. Let’s make this world one where people can be the true effing superstars they are”.

Depixym Founders

These highly pigmented cream formulas blend like a dream, and after they set, they truly stay put!

They give you one minute of play time to mix them, blend them, sheer them or build them up and you can use them anywhere, in any way you like. As a lipstick, a liner, blusher, eyeshadow or just a dash of colour across your face and body.

“Depixym is here to break the conventions, to empower people to feel their absolute best selves, whoever and whatever that may be – and to know they are so much more than enough. Which is the reason they don’t retouch any images (not one) – they represent reality, not a retouched version of people that people can’t relate to.”


For lips, cheeks, eyes, brows, hair, you can create at your leisure. Vegan and cruelty-free, all packaging is recyclable and the product comes in an easy to use aluminium tube, together with it’s own little mixing palette and wooden spatula, to help you create your own blend. The clear emulsion is a must (as are any and all the colours) as you can use it to sheer down the formula or re-emulsify it for more play time and it will set back into a transfer-proof, long-wear finish. Due to the non-transfer nature of the product, removal must be done with an oil-based cleanser.

These beauties have been a pleasure to play with and straight to my pro kit they went, they are that good!


Available in 20 shades for £18.00 each at and at Guru Makeup Emporium. Trust me, you’ll want them all!

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