We find out more about this emerging music artist Kings Elliot and explore her quest of creating an escape world for those battling with emotional stability.

Emerging music artist Kings Elliot is no stranger to chaos as she reveals “Chaos has been ever present in my life. I’ve never known how to function differently,” and now the artist has honed all of that in and created a world in which she can escape from it all, and she’s hoping others who also need that escape will join her there too.

The latest release from this rising start is the starry eyed Call Me a Dreamer;” listen HERE and watch the official video HERE.

We had the chance to chat with Kings Elliot to find out more about the artist and how their dreams of creating a world to escape are now becoming a reality.

I think it’s best to start with introductions, so we know you were born in Switzerland and now reside in London, so tell us a little bit more about you and where it all started for you?

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, ever since I was about 6 years old. When I finished my education in Switzerland I decided it was time to pursue music properly, so I moved to London 5 years ago. When I first got here I didn’t know anyone and I worked 4 jobs at the same time while trying to write and produce songs. It’s been a challenging few years but now I feel I’ve found my feet. 

Your music has a soft and light tone, but stirs deep with its thought provoking lyrics, so it’s clear to see that music is a powerful outlet for you, but what do you hope listeners of your music to take away?

There is something so comforting and healing about sad music – I’d like people to feel more heard when they listen to my songs and for it to break down barriers around mental health. I want people to feel empowered in their pain and know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s really strong to admit you’re struggling. 

What is the songwriting process for you and are there any singer songwriters in the industry that inspired you as we’ve heard that you often listen to music from the 40’s and 50’s?

Usually I write with a need to understand and work through something I’m going through. I sometimes spend hours talking to my main collaborator (writer/producer halfrhymes) and then eventually after what feels like some good therapy we’ll play around with chords and sing a melody until the song forms itself. It’s really weird how it happens and it’s different every time!

Do you feel your songwriting has changed since moving from Switzerland to London?

My songwriting has definitely developed a lot over the past few years, not just because I relocated but mainly because I do it 50 x more since I’ve moved and I found people to write songs with, who have helped me grow and hone in on my sound. Every song you write is like practising something until it’s worth showing someone.

We read an interview with you previously where you mentioned you would love to have your music featured on an animated film soundtrack, and we can see that your single covers are beautiful cartoon paintings depicting you and a bunch of animals in the woods, giving us almost an Alice in Wonderland meets Snow White vibe, are we right in saying you are very inspired by cartoons and animation and if so, where does this come from?

Cartoons feel magical to me, I guess ‘cause nothing about them resembles reality, you can just dive in and escape. Especially the vintage Disney films that are filled with so much melancholy and beauty, I find them very inspiring.

As an advocate for mental health and who has faced many personal struggles and challenges, Kings Elliot is an artist who understands how much of a rollercoaster ride emotional stability can be and I think it’s safe to say that through her music, she is developing her own therapy, and it’s clear she’s inviting others to take solace in her creations too, and clearly people are as she has accumulated millions of global streams with her first three songs I’m Getting Tired Of Me,” “Dancing Alone” and “Bitter Tonic”—all featured on the highly anticipated forthcoming EP Chaos in my Court, set for release December 1 via Verve Forecast.

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