Sebastian Paul rose to prominence in 2018, with his debut EP – ‘TROJAN HORSE’. A 5-track record released on Diplo’s ‘Mad Decent’ label. It displayed a singer with a powerful vocal range and with an ear for alternative production. At it’s core it was a dance record, although there was something missing in the finished article and you couldn’t help but feel the artist was still finding his sound. Fast forward 2 years and the American has just released his latest single – ‘CRUSH’ – a giant leap forward in the artists aesthetic.

The aesthetic has now moved into the territory of Alternative-Pop, an area where Sebastian seems to feel more at home. Now more focused on telling a story and portraying emotion, this new chapter comes with a clear direction, as the artist comments:

“I wanted to write a simple story of having feeling for someone who you suspect has similar feelings. While focussing less on the ‘crush’ itself and more on how ‘crushing’ it can be the sentiment to yourself. I aimed for the sonics to match the lyrical content. Something that feels like love and angst simultaneously.”

Sebastian obtained a vast range of inspirations from his youth, where his upbringing in a military family caused him to travel endlessly. These unique experiences have helped to portray the clashes of emotion we hear in ‘CRUSH’, the song certainly proves the artist to be a complex thinker. The artists alternative production makes ‘CRUSH’ stand out from the endless pop releases out there, his ability as a self-taught producer helps him to move away from common instrumentation and instead follows his gut.

‘CRUSH’ adds great depth to Sebastian’s catalogue of releases. This new chapter in his sonic output seems to be a winner, with previous releases – ‘IMPATIENT’ and ‘BACK AND FORTH’ – this year, channelling the same emotionally inspired song writing. If he keeps moving in this manner, then 2020 will be a great year for the American.


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